Upcoming Works

Escape From Winter Hollow
All aboard! The scene and season have changed – next stop, Winter Hollow!

Escape from Thunder Ridge
The third and final stop of the Escape From Fear Village trilogy brings readers to the wildly enigmatic west of Thunder Ridge, where Deadhead engineers a steam locomotive of death across miles of unforgiving land. But this time the inhabitants of each stop are equally as menacing as the fiends aboard the train.

Ashes in Waiting
Fresh out of college, Callie Casali has just accepted her first job as a reporter. The Hollowbrook Herald position at first seems like an uneventful gig in a small town, but Callie soon discovers the many responsibilities of not merely reporting happenings but telling stories.

“In my personal life and my job, I would return often to that place of darkness, for it knew me now.

And it wanted to know me better.”