Welcome to Harrow Hall

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Jerome Hudson is a defeated man with nothing left to live for, spending his days in solitude and his nights at a New Orleans bar. Robbed of the two people he loved most, his wife and daughter, the final years of his life can’t end soon enough.HH cover

But one night a stranger arrives at the bar, a man who knows all about Jerome’s past, from his service in the Vietnam War to a secret Jerome thought he’d kept from everyone. Until now.

Nothing is the same after the stranger makes Jerome an enticing offer. He’s about to embark on an unimaginable journey of mystery and rediscovery, one that will challenge him and show him there really is something to live for…if he can survive. A story of adversity and persistence, of old friends and new ones, the journey ends at Harrow Hall.

Who is waiting for Jerome there? And how will his past affect his future?

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