The Inhabitants: Origins

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They wanted death when they were alive and now crave life following their suicides.

There are two types of inhabitants inside the inhab coverapartment at 99 Deepwoods Drive – the paying renters and the ghosts who live within the walls. Nate Overbrook is one of the renters, a recovering drug addict who’s looking forward to his freshman year in college. Life is starting to seem manageable again for Nate, especially when he reconnects with his high school girlfriend, Joss Leclaire, and they spend their first night together at the apartment. But there is more to unit four than three cozy rooms. Something sinister is lurking in the apartment, a force far more evil than the restless spirits trapped there for decades following a tragedy.

This is not simply a story of good and evil. It’s a story of teamwork, friendship, family, and faith, as all of the inhabitants of the building must join forces to banish the ultimate evil that has infested it.

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