Laser Tag

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Every two or three years, on an October night lit by a full moon, five more New England residents are abducted and murdered by a serial killer.LT FINAL.jpg

Caleb Brooks is a man seeking to forget his past. Five years ago he escaped the Laser Tag Killer, surviving a massacre in a Massachusetts cornfield, though his nightmares are still haunted by the incessant sweep of the killer’s red laser. Caleb now has a new life, a new home, and a fiancée who helped him rise from despairing depths. He wants to forget his encounter with the Laser Tag Killer that moonlit night five years back, but LTK hasn’t forgotten him.

A new game of Laser Tag is being arranged, its victims random but for one. And LTK has his sights – more accurately, his laser scope – set on correcting his only mistake. Can Caleb survive the killer’s game again? What about the others abducted along with him? And what happens when the killer discovers that one of his other captives is hardly a random stranger?

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