Inside the Orange Glow

Detective Ray Thornton possesses an abundance of clues surrounding the disappearance of sixteen-year-old ChiVgNeWYAAq_FsTyler Taft from his suburban home in Cold Spring, Colorado. The pieces keep falling tantalizingly into place for Ray, except the picture never gets any clearer.

Why does Ray hear footsteps inside the house during his initial response to the Taft residence? Why has the master bedroom window been left wide open? And who keeps sending untraceable emails from Tyler’s account?

A closer examination of Tyler’s life reveals a dark side to Cold Spring’s boy hero. Tyler saved a mother and her son from a burning vehicle back in October, but now, in mid-March, the snow keeps piling up and with it the clues into the disappearance of a boy who wasn’t at all as he seemed.

Available soon. Check back for details.

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