Escape From Fear Village

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Addison James Gray and his younger brother Mackenzie are about to experience a life-changing journey, beginning when they meet a strange woman at their town’s local Halloween carnival.EFFV cover

When Mack wakes the next morning, he discovers that A.J. is missing. Strangely, he finds his brother’s motorcycle in the garage and his cell phone perched on the mailbox, but there is no sign of A.J.

Because Mack’s parents are away for the weekend on business, he must figure things out all alone – or at least he thinks he’s alone.

This is a story of friendship and family, adversity and persistence, faith and courage, and most importantly, good and evil. A.J. and Mack have never known evil before this fateful weekend, but they soon find themselves confronted by pure malevolence. Can the brothers find a way to escape the clutches of evil in time? In order to survive, they’ll need to adapt to change, think outside the box, and rely on assistance from unexpected sources.

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