Blaze the Grid

In the second book of the Gridlocked trilogy, new travelers enter an increasingly perilous road to survival.unnamed-1

Homes and vehicles are burning. The enemy remains as obscure as the smoke enveloping the region. And no matter how fast sixteen-year-old Dalton Rose drives, it is never fast enough to outrun his past.

Dangerous and defiant – once known for his unlawful grid-free joyrides – there is far more fueling Dalton’s rebellion than teenage angst. His past a constant passenger, he must first overcome the miles of yesterday before challenging the road ahead.

Xeke and Amy, meanwhile, remain separated. Can they navigate the blaze and find their way back together?

Can Paul somehow reunite with his family in Chicago?

And what secrets are being kept by the suited man who seemingly reappears at every turn, always driving the same hearse?

The enemy, though faceless, is never far, sometimes as close as a mirror’s reflection. With entire cities on fire, the race is no longer simply for personal survival – it’s a race to save society.

Available soon. Check back for details.

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